QUEST: A Delight, A Superscience (Paperback)


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Do you want solutions and liberation from complications, troubles, problems? Do you feel anxious, worried, stressed? Do you want to break the cycle of unhappiness and unpleasantness? Do you want that key, which will unlock the treasure of an uninterrupted and an everlasting state of Delight within you? If your answer is ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, then this Conscious Intellectual Technique is for you. If you allow, then “QUEST” shall be your complete guide and your true companion. A honest companion who will help you fill with peace; will saturate you with energy; will raise the strength and power in you and will germinate the seeds of delight and enthusiasm in you. “QUEST” does not speak about miracles rather it talks of scientific processes that, if followed diligently, shall lead one to reclaim one’s own right to Absolute Delight, Absolute Peace and Absolute Wisdom. QUEST is a technique of life changing and transforming five powerful elements; Motivational, Inspirational, Personality Development, Scientific and Spiritual. See, Understand, Think, Seek, Know for yourself. “QUEST” is ever eager to accompany you on this wonderful, exciting and peaceful journey. Go! Grab it.


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