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This book is translated version of a Hindi story book “Palash”, written Sri Umakant Bharti. Bharti Ji is one of my closest among all the literarians. Usually I went through all his published book. Once I went his home and he gave me his recently published hindi book ‘Palash’. I went through all the stories. Some of stories toughed my heart and had deep relation with the societal truth like, The Heath Centre, The Pain of Breaking Trust, Family Pension, Procession Without Groom, Toilet Trip, Self-Respect, Waiting for The Envelope, Great Honesty, The Devil Character, Auction of the Dream, etc. I liked its all the stories in true sense. One day, it came to my mind, Can I translate the stories of this book in English language? I eagerly asked with Bharti Sir. Fortunately he became glad to know this and then finally it got published with his blessings.


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